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All burgers, wraps, sandwiches and mains include your choice of french fries, mashed potatoes or garden salad.
OR Substitute sweet potato fries, soup, onion rings or caesar salad • $2
OR Substitute a poutine • $3
OR Substitute loaded fries • $4

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Onion Rings • 9
Battered onion rings.
Served with buttermilk ranch for dipping.

Calamari • 9
Golden fried squid tubes, tentacles and jalapeños.
Served with sweet chili for dipping.

Poutine • 10

Gravy and mixed cheese. Easy.

Nachos • 15

Tomatoes, black olives, onions, jalapeños and
mixed cheese.
** Add chicken or ground prime rib • $4
** Add extra cheese • $3

Load ‘em Up Fries • 12

Bacon, mixed cheese, sour cream and chives.
(Just like a baked potato!)

Pizza Spring Rolls • 9

Pepperoni, cheese and sauce.
Served with buttermilk ranch for dipping.

Spinach Dip • 12
Warm spinach and artichoke dip topped
with mixed cheese.
Served with nacho chips and soft flatbread.

Mac ‘N Cheese Bites • 9
Deep fried macaroni and cheese.
Served with chipotle mayonnaise for dipping.

Antojitos • 10

Made in house cream cheese
filling, with jalapeños, red peppers
and red onions, stuffed in a tortilla wrap.
Served with sour cream and salsa for dipping.

Veggie Flatbread • 10
Pesto, feta cheese, bruschetta mix.
Topped with arugula and a balsamic glaze.
** Add chicken • $4

Italian Flatbread • 12
Tomato sauce, mixed cheese,
spicy sausage, roasted button mushrooms,
red onions. Topped with arugula and lemon juice.

Soup of the Day • 5

Garden Salad (Starter • 6.50 – Meal • 11)

Heritage blend, tomatoes, onions,
cucumbers and croutons.
Served with your choice of Balsamic or
Buttermilk Ranch.

Caesar Salad (Starter • 6.50 – Meal • 11)

Romaine lettuce, bacon, parmesan cheese,
croutons and lemon.

Taco Salad • 17

Multi-coloured tortilla chips, heritage blend,
ground prime rib, mixed cheese, jalapeños,
tomatoes and red onions.
Drizzled with chipotle bacon ranch.

Chicken Caesar • 16
Romaine lettuce, bacon,
parmesan cheese, and a grilled chicken breast.

Chicken Bruschetta • 16
Heritage blend, pesto mayonnaise,
bruschetta mix, feta cheese, balsamic glaze
and a grilled chicken breast.

Chipotle Chicken • 16
Romaine lettuce, cheddar cheese, bacon,
chipotle mayonnaise, chipotle paste, tomato
and a grilled chicken breast.